Ad Hagenaars

Thirty years ago Ad was walking through the market and saw a beautiful glass artwork of two parrots. He was immediately sold. This art form, made from Tiffany glass, is a tricky hobby to keep up with, but Ad was determined to learn. He took a glassworks course and since then he has never stopped making lamps and wall works with Tiffany glass.

Working with Tiffany glass is detailed and long work. It starts with making or searching for a drawing. In this drawing, all the pieces are clearly visible and he has to find the right colours. These colours are incorporated into the glass art. This is a time-consuming job because a work of art often contains more than 500 small pieces of glass.

Ad is a great example of how you can just find a unique hobby out of nowhere. He is busy every day looking for beautiful works that he imitates or in which he finds the inspiration to make a drawing himself.