Amine Bakbachi

Amine was born in Breda and works at Sterren van Morgen. Within this organization he motivates children aged 7 to 21 to work hard so that they achieve their personal goals. Sterren van Morgen is concerned with providing opportunities for young people through sport. 

He celebrates Ramadan, the Muslim fasting period. This period lasts a month and often starts in April. This depends on the position of the moon. Ramadan means a lot to Amine: “It is time for me to reflect. Only then do you see how rich you are.” For him, it’s about appreciating the things you have. Both big and small. This is also something he wants to instil in his work. To motivate young people in the right way and give them more hope. Amine says “Everything is possible here if you work for it.” It is important for him to pass on this message because he believes that you should not take anything for granted.

Something that fits with this mindset is serving Arabic tea. This tea is not only seen as a drink but also as a stimulant. It’s about the whole ritual around it. It is a moment to think about what you have and what you want to achieve, but of course also to taste and enjoy the tea. For example, a simple cup of Arabic tea can create a moment of self-reflection.