Arjan Broeders

Arjan Broeders, or Prince Arie d’n Irste, lives in Boeimeer, 200 meters from de Teruggave. He is a speech therapist in the rehabilitation department at Thebe. Father of three children, plus two bonus children.

“At our house, it is always a pleasant bustle. I love that. In my spare time, I like to go camping, run and watch NAC. And of course, celebrate carnival!

Despite corona, we still celebrated a beautiful carnival party in ’t Kielegat. On the 11th of the 11th, we kicked off with a carnival quiz to which we received many positive reactions. The only big difference was that we were constantly hopping in front of a camera, instead of on a full Grote Markt. That’s a different feeling. In this way, we tried to bring the carnival experience to the living rooms of all residents of Breda.

Carnival is a party for everyone
Everyone is equal at carnival. Whether you are rich or poor and regardless of your origin or background. That’s the best thing about carnival. This connecting and togetherness fits perfectly with United Colors Breda. I sincerely hope that next time we can celebrate a normal carnival together again and toast to life in the pub.

Herring bites
According to tradition, everyone goes for herring bites on Ash Wednesday. Then people come together one more time to usher in Lent with a herring. I don’t eat it during the year, but I love it at carnival. I eat it the Dutch way, with an onion on top of it, grab it by the tail and lower it into your mouth. As it should!