Chermaine Vermeulen

The socially committed and cum laude graduated designer works with children from the neighbourhoods around the Seeligkwartier. She prefers to tackle the bottlenecks in cooperation with others: how do they see their neighbourhood, what do they want to do and what do they dream of?

Chermaine started developing concepts from those bottlenecks. This is how the “do-it-yourself playground” was created. Because not only are there few play areas in Breda, but this is also a problem nationally. A movable do-it-yourself play area can be the solution. Take a look at what the environment offers, and give it a touch together, is her thought. This creates a much more challenging way of playing.

With her graduation project, she shows Breda how to get children to think creatively about solutions in area developments. By involving the child’s mind in research and design, many creative ideas arise. She also wants to emphasize the importance of being a child and the purpose of play. Children who play learn to think for themselves and dare to take risks. Curiosity and imagination are elements that allow you to flourish in this way. When you see how creative kids are with simple things, you know you don’t need much for a good playtime.