Colinda Boeren

Colinda is a talented and passionate photographer and only knew later in life that she wanted to enter the world of photography. Colinda is a real people person and she thinks it is important to show that in her photos. Despite her diverse portfolio, her passion lies in taking portrait photos.

A good portrait photo starts with knowing who is in front of your camera. That’s why Colinda always wants to get to know her models and schedules time for a chat before the photoshoot. After that inspiration strikes; she comes up with fun ideas that give the photos a personal touch.

When shooting, exposure is the most important aspect. Colinda uses different light sources. This gives the portrait photos their own character.

During her career, she has taken many beautiful, and also intense photos. “That’s the beauty of it, you get to know so many people and their stories.” For the time being, Colinda is far from done with the camera and she wants to capture many more stories in one image.