Daniëlle Roberts

Spirituality and technology – are two things that not everyone combines. Daniëlle Roberts thinks otherwise. She is a visual artist, teacher at Avans and researcher into contemporary spirituality and technology. After her interest in meditation, she started creating installations with which technology promotes human well-being.

In her search for everyday activities in which a meditative moment is experienced, she ended up focussing on the process of drinking tea. An everyday activity where you take a moment for yourself. Based on this idea, she has created a tea ceremony installation. With this installation, she invites you to stand still, come to yourself and experience a moment of reflection.

After two years of development, the tea ceremony installation is ready for testing. The next step is to research the effects the installation has on users. So far, most of the feedback has been positive. People often feel mindfullness. Perhaps this installation will help busy people with a portion of daily spirituality.