Eva van den Hamsvoort

As a little girl, Eva was already a creative person. Drawing, painting, crafting, she did it all. She already felt then that she wanted to do more with that creativity later. After graduating from the art academy she knew for sure: I’m going to be an artist. She has developed her own style with lots of colour and emotion.

Eva is specialised in capturing emotions and experiences on a canvas. She does this by attending special moments – such as dinners or weddings – and talking to her customers to get a sense of one’s personality. In this way, she creates an impression of a situation that she puts on the canvas with creativity and skill. Besides the ‘Love & Life Paints’ she also makes free work in which she gives free rein to her emotions and creativity. She is now working on a series of paintings of animals that are threatened with extinction. She wants to put these animals in the spotlight.

Over the years, Eva’s creativity and talent have blossomed into a job she is very happy with. The reactions that come from the clients when she hands over her works of art are what make her proud.