Patrick Horward

From childhood Patrick Horward was fascinated by art. He came into contact with art at a young age due to his grandfather, Gerrit de Morée, an artist from Breda. In the past, Patrick always wanted to be in his grandfather’s studio, so he could see how Gerrit was working. But Patrick was also already involved in art at the time. He enjoyed drawing and claying.

Today that hasn’t changed for Patrick. He works as a teacher in primary education and as a ceramist. Patrick likes that with his work he can teach people something, that they develop and get satisfaction from it. In addition to his work, Patrick manages his grandfather’s creative legacy. This means that if people want to borrow something, Patrick will arrange it. And he ensures that restorations are carried out and looks for a good destination for the collection.

In the future, Patrick would like to put together a beautiful exhibition of his grandfather’s works. He was a special and inspiring man, not only for Patrick personally but also for Breda. Patrick gets a lot of inspiration from his grandfather’s works. He hopes that in this way he and his grandfather can convey their love for art, people and nature.