Raymond van Kesteren

In addition to making music as a pianist and keyboardist, Raymond found his passion for making art at a later age. His style is very diverse: from sculptures made from waste materials to paintings, drawings and digital art. He does it all. Where does this come from? Perhaps it has to do with his open view of the world.

Raymond takes inspiration from everything around him. When he has come up with an idea, he gets to work. The way he works is different every time. Among his recent sculptures are ‘Pillowman’ and ‘Cardboardman’. Raymond has made a human figure from old plastic containers painted with acrylic paint. After this, he made a second human figure, entirely from scraps of cardboard. Cardboard plates are put together in a complicated way and create an image of a human being.

On the Open Monument Day of 2021, Raymond worked on a new art project, in which visitors can participate themselves. Raymond does not yet know what will be made in the future, but maybe a large art project in the future city park in the Seeligkwartier? In any case, he’s going to let his creative mind go on it. His studio is now full of all kinds of other projects. The artist never sits still.