Sinéad Power

In 2011, my life changed overnight. During the flu, I had an autoimmune reaction and became completely paralyzed within a week. That’s terribly traumatic. After years of rehabilitation, I live independently in an adapted home in the Middellaan. It is a nice living environment, close to the center. There is a lot of togetherness in our neighborhood. We help each other. If I’m not feeling well, someone is always there for me. In the coming years, the town from Seelig to the Singel will be redeveloped. Under the guise of ‘Breda, City in a Park’ I am convinced that the quality of life and accessibility will improve even more.

The Week of Accessibility
The Netherlands is a fantastic care state. There is still a lot to gain in the area of ​​accessibility. That’s why I celebrate the Week of Accessibility. To make people aware of this important topic. Accessibility has been on the agenda in Breda since 2016. Experts by experience have been involved in this process from the start.
Breda won a European prize for the most accessible city in Europe in 2018 for this unique approach. I am involved in the Breda agenda for accessibility. Sometimes things don’t go fast enough for me, but I also know that these things take time. Above all, I try to look at everything we have already achieved.

Culture shock
It was a culture shock for me when I became paralyzed at the age of 23 and ended up in a wheelchair. Accessibility lies in very small things. Which sidewalk can I get off? Which cafe can I go to? In addition to physical accessibility, it also involves understandable language, auditory and visual adjustments.

Grateful for medicines
Thanks to therapy and medicines, I am now doing well. I’m being given white blood cells. They improve my resistance and prevent me from getting sicker again. I depend on medication and I think we should be proud of the good healthcare system in the Netherlands. This allows me to lead a beautiful life.

Become a blood donor!
Finally, I’d like to make one more call. Give blood! It is a small effort and you make a lot of people happy with it.

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Sinéad works for the Rollwithus Foundation Project Rollwithus – By, for and with each other!!