Stef Goedhart

Multimedia designer, circular creative, quartermaster for STEK, has a workplace in the old courthouse and lives in Fellenoord.

I celebrate that the sun will rise again. A new day is a new chance to live. That may sound very vague, but it reflects what I want to do. Make the world more beautiful!

Focus on circular
After almost 20 years of experience as a Multimedia designer, I increasingly use my creativity for a sustainable, circular world. Sustainability plays a leading role in all my assignments. But I also think it is important to enter into lasting relationships with people. Because as soon as you really collaborate with each other and thus achieve powerful intrinsic participation, projects for and with people and neighbourhoods can be of great value.

Pass-on trophy Breda circular
I developed an exchange trophy for the municipality of Breda, STEK and the Breda circular foundation. This prize is intended to encourage entrepreneurs from Breda who are doing a good job with circularity. The holder of the trophy decides to whom he or she passes it. In this way, we hope to build a network of inspiring entrepreneurs and strengthen our ecosystem.

Breda Makes Me Happy
Many flowers, vegetables, fruit and other quality products are thrown away. Breda Makes Me Happy is committed to marketing these products. They won the first pass-through trophy.

If I would choose the next winner, I nominate Zero Waste Netherlands. They are working on a fully circular economy in which waste does not exist. I completely agree with this goal.

Colorful vegetable burger
The dish that fits my worldview is a colourful vegetable burger. I eat 100% plant-based myself. My message: you don’t have to leave anything out to still eat very tasty. There is so much possible, go discover it!