Willem-Jan van der Wolf

Books, books and more books. That is what Willem-Jan lives for. With his company, Wolf Publishers, he mainly publishes legal books, but he also publishes stories that he believes should be told. His large selection can be found in De Boekenbunker. This is a room in the cellars of De Teruggave that is filled to the brim with books. Here he also meets up with other people to catch up or share stories.

This sharing of stories is something Willem-Jan is strong in. By listening and looking at the stories in a different way, he has developed many innovative products and concepts. For example, he has plunged into a project of textbooks for law students, which describes everything they need – in just a few pages. And what about his close collaboration with Het Bèkske. They sell coffee made by Rwandan women.

Willem-Jan sees value in companies, organizations and individuals where others do not. Because of his view of the world, Willem-Jan has had a wonderful career. The future can only get better with beautiful projects, beautiful books and beautiful stories.